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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

The Tyranny of Words

The Tyranny of Words

De Facto benefactor of every actor
Meaning outweighs these sounds by tons not pounds
Whether Poet, Pope, Prophet, Professor — Etymology be the emperor's undresser

Across genetic world wars are waged for memetic primacy; prim petty piracy
Like order out from chaos, ideals give inertia gloss
Voices of authority drown any majority

Images make the transparent apparent
But lies go unreported by what a Sign has purported
Wherever joke, phrase, book, or essay has vexed (check your specs) find its subtext

Government, media and religion all continue to endorse neo-colonial discourse
Baby bard irresponsible, cannot act as lingual constable
Psychobabble hangs high over vocal rabble

Wholesale Proverbs

Wholesale Proverbs

Engage the flow and let its current take you where you need to go.
It's better to be alone than in bad company.
Everything should fuel that fire at your core.
Treat rough people and experiences like a steady source of coal.

Those who are unwilling to cooperate rarely pull their own weight.
Anyone unnecessarily difficult is hardly worth honest effort.
Strive to maintain a balance betwixt temporary compromises.
Fools dance on wise mens' graves, just before the phoenix rises.

Hence, look to many fine examples set by each preceding Mensch
(cursed be the meek, for it is nothing they'll inherit
by relying on a prophet whose ideals hold low merit).
Not unless one's will be brazen, will one possess such strength to wrench

Golden apples of immortality

Off the Hesperides' branch!

Poetical Paradigm Shift

Poetical Paradigm Shift

Emergency measures now call for insurgency

A surge through our Nous carries forth urgency

Diverge from cool cats and their public indecency

This dirge silly fools cannot chant without hypocrisy

Hurl not valued pearls before the swine kakistocracy

Purge impure fuels and thus become meritocracy

Merge useful tools to reinforce such ascendancy

Scourge a la ridicule presumptuous redundancy

Verge on cruelest rule vis-à-vis co-dependency

Emerge feud demure, and then resplendence see . . .

The Poet is DEAD — Long Live The POEM

The Poet is DEAD — Long Live The POEM

An author, a writer, the Poet
Art fact of tomorrow's society
While living may portray impropriety
Whereas full value is only gleaned by posterity

Bards embody an ideal floating within realms unreal
But no persona present can realize the new deal
Throughout semantic space we grope and feel
There between the lines one's anima will show it

Yet few can discern any message so inchoate
Years often pass in decades before meaning is procured
Poetic offspring must proclaim that these words are inured
Public illiteracy endured until readers' minds might have matured

Carom headlong past post-modern doldrums; beyond right or wrong
Carefree aplomb inhabits this song, which chorus hums alto strong
Vanity a ticking time bomb soon succumbs to the throng
Vanishing rhyme reappears via disappearing Poet



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