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Didactus Proclaimeth

Didactus Proclaimeth:

Like a crystal shattered into countless fragments
The jagged, incongruent edges of each individual human
Refract the sacred light of ethereal Being through mundane imperfection
Our planet is a hall mirrors where illusion reigns and truth goes unnoticed

Nonetheless, such collective folly does not actually negate life's underlying sanctity
Godliness is next to us during every given moment if we can only bypass Ego
That pitiable byproduct derived from religious and sociological brainwash
Our peril inadvertently handed down through well-meaning predecessors

This vicious cycle must be broken!

People, may your poets serve as prophets in an age devoid of soul
For they're often secret heralds who portend a brave new world
Where the balance between materialism and mysticism thrives
Our single shards conglomerated into an iridescent prism

Let not these hours pass by idly, given to spectacle or speculation
Clutch the stars themselves and dare to reorganize creation
So that instead of lamenting over how pathetic their ancestors were
Our descendants might look up with beaming pride at novel constellations

Thus hath Didactus spoken!

Image: Cosmic Angel courtesy of Martin Mancha

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