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Allegorical Misadventure

Author's Note: Written for a friend suffering from a crippling addiction to crack-cocaine.

Allegorical Misadventure

Brought to the brink of desolation by his brother
Abel was unable to discern a valid pattern amid distorted ether
Where a threshold dividing sanity and insanity stretched on
For at least twelve hours spanning an interval within which
Friends seemed like enemies and strangers were strangely familiar

Minutes hung in the air like smoky strata
Hours flew by fast as photons
Memories mingled with living moments
Giving birth to future longings
Erratic yet static—until Cain fled without warning

Exiling himself into an inhospitable wilderness
Where he fed on thorns and drank what few drops
He could squeeze from the stones with raw fists
Not realizing that his brother had forgiven him
And bore him no ill will whatsoever

Though incredibly clever
Cain forsook his staunchest ally
In a foolhardy attempt to tempt heaven
For barring its gates against their parents
As well as the whole human species

Abel would recover over time
But could never feel quite complete
Since his heart had been maligned
Such is the cruel fate of our kind
From cradle to coffin—down six feet beneath

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