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Mortality's Morality

Mortality’s Morality

The Good you ask?
A relativistic concession!
Evil wears every mask;
Sinners will hear your confession.

Much bloodshed throughout history
Was then considered just cause.
There really is no mystery
Of why we challenge old laws.

The Good apparent only
When present becomes past.
Future judges, lofty, lonely
While dead culprits are amassed.

As we now pass judgement on yesterday
So by tomorrow on us shall it pass...
Yet who can rightfully say
If any purview will last?

1 Bold Response

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Hmm, isn't this a revised version of the one you wrote on CombatWords?

Seems like a more abstract/symbolic movement following this one would be need. Shadowy & filled with subconscious control. Hmm.



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