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Epicurean Accomplishments

Epicurean Accomplishments

Gallivanting downtown on a Saturday night

Anyone could have sworn: this throng is an outpour of Maenads!
We were drinking like fish
We'd been smoking like chimneys
Then cut up lots o' rug
While tripping on ecstasy

House beats were hitting hard against our SURFACE
When everyone flowed as Shiva Nataraja showed us
Because time isn't money—time's verve in motion
Oh and by the way, rain indoors, qualifies as miraculous

So just relax, keep it simple
Be aloof but stay humble
Lose self within action
To recall what's eternal

For those who breathe every moment
Shall surely traverse the immense breadth of infinity
Before anyone else can even
Complete the *blink* of an eye!

Image: Shiva Nataraja "The Cosmic Dancer".

2 Bold Responses

bard said...


Khakjaan Wessington said...

Ha! Your best of the libertine series.

I think you should still cut 'promised' out of stanza 3, line 2; so it reads: "When all of us flowed as Shiva Nataraja" to keep the rhythm. Ellipsis does the job for you.

I think these would be more powerful if you arranged them all in a series: like an argument. You could edit them until they're a handful of razor blades.



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