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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Absurdist Posts A Personals Ad

Absurdist Posts A Personals Ad

Single male, pushing forty
(a dodgy old sketch-bag to be sure)
Seeks feminist basket-case:
"Let's iron things out!"

Fond of breathtaking landscapes, possessing remarkable acumen
And overwhelmed by a robust desire to nurture
This particular specimen cannot help but hunt high-caliber quarry
Since he often envisions himself as a champion deep down

In his short span he has met insurmountable obstacles
Employing wits that match sinews on an endomorph frame
Tanned during days spent along Central-America's isthmus
Hatching ploys for coup d'etat among the dissident waifs
Of post Cold War colonialism—beyond Liberty's gates

Longs to play mind-games with an equal who hails from greener pastures
Before locking legs with her to enact pantomimes
Which imitate subversive carnal acts portrayed on celluloid
By dint of supra-objectifying lens

Would not mind siring a race of iconoclastic malcontents
(if only to sabotage Neoliberalism astride its unremitting march)
So please respond post-haste using code-phrase:
"Amantes sunt amentes!"

** Offer valid indefinitely to she who won't settle
for abusive, two-faced cons who'll just tarnish her mettle

1 Bold Response

Khakjaan Wessington said...

Heh, that was good. Attentive to rhythm without sticking to a metrical scheme; attentive to sound without sticking to a rhyme scheme... and it made me smile. The first stanza was very effective for pulling the reader in, while riffing off personal ads--without copying them too closely ("Let us iron things out!" cuts off the cliche before it gets too powerful and subverts it effectively into the poetic narrative).

I think the 2nd stanza can go. It should have more about her to better contrast the next stanza. This will make the last stanza stronger in my opinion.




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