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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Epicurean Accomplishments

Epicurean Accomplishments

Gallivanting downtown on a Saturday night

Anyone could have sworn: this throng is an outpour of Maenads!
We were drinking like fish
We'd been smoking like chimneys
Then cut up lots o' rug
While tripping on ecstasy

House beats were hitting hard against our SURFACE
When all of us flowed as Shiva Nataraja promised
Because time isn't money—time's verve in motion
Oh and by the way, rain indoors, qualifies as miraculous

So just relax, keep it simple
Be aloof but stay humble
Lose self within action
To recall what's eternal

For those who breathe every moment
Shall surely traverse the immense breadth of infinity
Before anyone else can even
Complete the *blink* of an eye!

Image: Shiva Nataraja "The Cosmic Dancer".

Opinionated Young Men

Opinionated Young Men

Thoughts naught but thinly veiled agitation
Outspoken whenever there's an occasion
Convictions without factual validation

Hatchlings peck at mother hen *

Adolescent lions patronize the pride
Impatient toward elders who preside
Overeager for openings to deride

Opinionated young men

Deaf except to their own voices
Greenhorns spooked by sudden noises
Leaving the civil with few kind choices

If you've had enough, say when ...

Image: Samson defeats a lion barehanded.

Comedy, Divine ?

COURT FOOL, n. The plaintiff.~ Ambrose Bierce 

Comedy, Divine ?

Laugh as if your lives depended on it

The wisdom of humor often falls on deaf ears

Just because something's funny doesn't mean that it's trivial

Comedians are often overlooked for pointing out what's obvious

But few others can put matters so succinctly or pointedly

Recall; Attic theater is represented by both tragic and comic masks

Spreading mirth might be the least appreciated of all art forms

Most people are either unable or refuse to look past any crudity

They miss coded messages mischievously packaged within jokes

Which is why the fool wields such secret power

Play's that thing wherein lies ensnared mind of a king —

Seriously now, laugh like your lives depend on it!

Absurdist Posts A Personals Ad

Absurdist Posts A Personals Ad

Single male, pushing forty
(a dodgy old sketch-bag to be sure)
Seeks feminist basket-case:
"Let us iron things out!"

Fond of breathtaking landscapes, possessing remarkable acumen
And overwhelmed by his robust desire to nurture
This particular specimen cannot help but hunting high-caliber quarry
Since he often envisions himself as a champion deep down

In his short span he has met insurmountable obstacles
Employing wits that match sinews on an endomorph frame
Tanned during days spent along Central-America's isthmus
Hatching ploys for coup d'etat among the dissident waifs
Of post-Cold-War colonialism—beyond libety's gates

Longs to play mind-games with an equal who hails from greener pastures
Before locking legs with her to enact pantomimes
Which imitate subversive carnal acts portrayed on celluloid
By dint of supra-objectifying lens

Would not mind siring a race of iconoclastic malcontents
(if only to sabotage globalization astride its unremitting march)
So please respond post-haste using code-phrase:
"Amantes sunt amentes!"

** Offer valid indefinitely to she who won't settle
for abusive, two-faced cons who'll just tarnish her mettle

Interplay At The Interstice

Interplay At The Interstice

Betwixt serendipitous and portentous
Lies the elastic gap of Interstice
Its symmetry framed by four points of compass

Symbols taken literally are mired amid seriousness
While we of light letters break free from such fetters...
An implicit order sings explicit yet tacit
No need to explain what is obvious to wit *

Ludic imperative rings clear
Through post-millennial Noosphere
Abject objectivity is petrified with fear
Though there's no evil to hear of around here
Unless of course one falters when playing by ear

All opposites meet in the middle
Blending intention and attention
Do not settle for second fiddle
Be a conductor who sounds out another dimension

Betwixt these lines that prattle
Unload bombast—dip into Interstice
Asymmetry joins battle against the pompous 



* Except on Wall of Worthies
whereon rights are retained by respective authors.