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Twilit Language (Mythic May Vol. 4)

Author's Note: In the parlance of Tantra, "Twilight Language" refers to a symbolic system of speech often employed by adepts when composing songs or poetry meant to induce heightened awareness for the uninitiated.

Twilit Language

Somewhere along an illimitable span of Being / the cosmic serpent became acutely aware of its own resplendent plumage / wrapped up in fractal-rainbow wings / preoccupied by Self / placed eyes on every scale / admiring each contour from myriad angles / vigilant in vanity!

{ During that night obscurity hid the moon from plain sight. Its absence called little  attention to the studded firmament above, yet echoed within the fibers of many a sentient soul. It offset narrow views as tremors pulsated through both inner and outer space.  Thus, Great Serpens arose, making a sound which was UN-STRUCK. Flourishing in a thousandfold ascent! }

Ask: who is it that passes nigh? / sowing furtive expectations / down corridors of remorse / hope tunnels toward redemption / Eros no more a slave to Psyche / foam on wavelengths of vibration / time may be a desert and we might be but stones—nonetheless—let it be known / that these sands absorb the sun / just like the sea swallows its shoals / awareness self-illumined / at such depths...

Image: Cipactli by Jack L. Morris

1 Bold Response

Anton Elohan Byers said...

Well-lived, Itzuauahtli--liquid and alive, blossoming and inviting in fecund silence.



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