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Mythos (Mythic May Vol. 1)

Mythic May: Every Friday this month will feature a tributary piece to Mythos, Mother of Religion and eternal wellspring of sacred imagery.


Like Shadrach in the sacrificial furnace
He strides through all flame as a phantom
Exalted by the hamadryad chorus
With a heartbeat that cowers lofty Titans
When stirred to a passionate frenzy
He claws at the roots of Ygdrasil

His twin sister mimics these motions
Her gilded arms undulate on the wind
Extolled through the song of Hesperides
With laughter becalms their green dragon
When pushed to the other extreme
She calls for the maids of Valhalla

He lives in the sword of a king
She sleeps in the depths of a lake

He dies at the end of one world
And into a new one she wakes.

2 Bold Responses

Khakjaan Wessington said...

I liked this. Simple and clean.

ThoseThr3Words-Claire said...

Sorry, haven't stopped by for a while, what with getting married, etc! I absolutely love this, though :)The interweaving of myths is captivating and very close to my heart, I feel that you have captured the essence of so much mythology in so few words.There is also such a sense of balance between male and female. The tempo of the poem is hypnotic, carrying you along through so much mythological time and I like the way the last four lines powerfully bring the poem to a gradual halt.
I particularly like "Her gilded arms undulate on the wind" and "He lives in the sword of a king
She sleeps in the depths of a lake".
Above all, I have to say, one of my favourite poems! You have really struck a poetic chord with me here and I will be coming back to this one.



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