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<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Midnight Kensho & Makyo TV (Mythic May Vol. 2)

Kensho: A Zen term indicating insight into the nature of one's own being - sometimes contrasted with permanent absorption into Satori (enlightenment).

Makyo: Hallucinations that arise naturally during the course of meditative practice.

Mudra: Ritual hand-gestures employed in Buddhism and Yoga.

Madya: Ceremonial intoxicants such as Bhang (cannabis) or Soma wine consumed as adjuncts to Tantra.

Midnight Kensho & Makyo TV

Some Mudra  to go with your Madya ?
From here we bend past dead ends
The Sphinx hast run out of riddles
Whilst we follow hollow trends

Sublunar prophets of carnal salvation
May mammal rise unto Mythos
Reptilian our grandiose agenda
Ouroboros stretched throughout Nous

Seek thee out that Tithy Tove
Spelled by Jabberwocky rules
Iconic Cheshire grin bespeaks:
Trust tricksters not wry fools

There is no subtle substitute
For physical movement at present
So tune into inaudible music
And flip your light fluorescent

Dead of night comes to enliven
A lurid lapse mid introspection
As patterns dissolve blissfully
Against plasma screen's projection

Afterthought: A sigil is syllogistic on purpose in pretention, prying third-eye open with syllabic implication.

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