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Pelagic Prosody

Pelagic Prosody

Cinder by shoreline, none could but some can. Echoing a ceaseless arrival, castaways deliriously repeat: shallows resurface!

At edge of Pacific, eternal meaning attained. Waves ground rocks to sand and beckoned beholder to witness: all is process.

One's life like a ship adrift archipelago of sensational obsessions. Dawn Treader seeking after the world's final isles.
Identity? A frigate capsized upon rocky shoals at low tide. A veritable flibbertigibbet caught within a whirlpool, which self-importance sustains.

Return to the ocean, in body or mind. Where our cells were first formed four eons hence. Imitate liquified spontaneity.

Sonar under profundities; a depth-charge surges through psychic tides as the secret propagation of unceasing evolution!

Sea-kayak floating atop swells, hear the sound so often heard in shells. Fear not drowning in Earth mother's amniotic flowing.

Have you ever swum at a reef whilst watching marine fauna frolic? Therein life's creative drive is evinced via plethora of colors.

Dolphins gambol in oceanic spray while mangroves lush upon the bay. Motorboats then overtake as tourists chase cetaceans away.

May the sound of surf soothe your nerves and a beach's breeze fill your nostrils. Here gulls sing of solar bounty spilling ashore . . .

Image: Name-glyph of Ahuitzotl (Water Monster), third to last Aztec Emperor.

3 Bold Responses

bard said...

My head spins with the ebbs and flows... the crests and troughs. Well done!

ThoseThr3Words-Claire said...

This is beautiful and resonates with what i have been reading (Animate Earth by Stephan Harding) and writing. Luxurious language and rich images. I love the internal rhymes and alliteration and the whole sense of the magnitude and beauty of nature versus the self-importance and trivial pursuits of much of humankind. I will return to this poem many times :)


Aphrodite said...

Beautiful piece. :)



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