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AnswerS (w/ PodCast)


Chaos is freedom
Order restricts
Form is a limit
Void, the escape.
Apathy's balanced
Concern, an extreme.
Fantasy lives
While reality dreams.

The search is in vain;
To cease is to find.
The thinker is stumped
The observer is blind.
The soul is an ego
One's body, a mind.

Being is empty
Yet existence still sacred
Corruption goes clothed
And all virtue lies naked ...
Passion is searing
Love soothing 'til calm.
"Nothing is holy"
Makes any song a psalm.

Equally valid when reversed are these truths:
Vice-versa is law—as each lie has its use.

Image: Moebius Strip by MC Escher.

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4 Bold Responses

bard said...

This is great! I love the way it flows... well done.

human being said...


'as each lie has its use"
so true!
unfortunately this is the first rule!


ThoseThr3Words-Claire said...

Extremely insightful and very musical!
Clever stuff indeed!


Unknown said...

"The thinker is stumped
The observer is blind"

So much to see in just those two lines alone. I love the way it moves...great work!



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