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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Pelagic Prosody

Pelagic Prosody

Cinder by shoreline, none could but some can. Echoing a ceaseless arrival, castaways deliriously repeat: shallows resurface!

At edge of Pacific, eternal meaning attained. Waves ground rocks to sand and beckoned beholder to witness: all is process.

One's life like a ship adrift archipelago of sensational obsessions. Dawn Treader seeking after the world's final isles.
Identity? A frigate capsized upon rocky shoals at low tide. A veritable flibbertigibbet caught in a whirlpool, which self-importance sustains.

Return to the ocean, in mind, body or both. Where our cells were first formed four eons hence. Imitate liquified spontaneity.

Sonar under profundities; a depth-charge surges through psychic tides as the secret propagation of unceasing evolution!

Sea-Kayak floating atop swells, hear the sound so often heard in shells. Fear not drowning in Earth mother's amniotic flowing.

Have you ever swum at a reef whilst watching marine fauna frolic? Therein life's creative drive is evinced via plethora of colors.

Dolphins gambol in oceanic spray while mangroves lush upon the bay. Motorboats then overtake as global citizens chase cetaceans away.

May the sound of surf soothe your nerves and a beach's breeze fill your nostrils. Here gulls sing of solar bounty spilling ashore . . .

Image: Name-glyph of Ahuitzotl (Water Monster), third to last Aztec Emperor.

The Mars Re-Volta (Bi-Lingual Edition)

Currently Reading:

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View

A lyrical tribute to those masters of musical phantasmagoria: Omar Rodriguez-López and Cedric Bixler Zavala

The Mars Re-Volta

Wherefore stray from an aquiline axilla?
Out there a scirrhus sprawls unchecked
Opprobrium phases not merciless masses
So unsheathe your vorpal blade, bedecked 

Nos hemos encontrado entre la espada y la pared

A billion suns implode sanguinely
Quondam red giants extinguished
Like Goliath, last among Nephilim
The sphenodon portends Anunnaki

Perdemos descanso desde el primer aliento hasta un final

Who else could bespeak such travesty
Without injecting simple silence?
Although wishing to defy gravity
We're caught in our own contrivance

Que la viuda os ampare cuando intenten despertar

Sonorous allegory, asynchronous aurally
Rift ripping through perception as did Dali
Unnameable inorganic entities are rallied
Pentagrammatic scales can hypnotize any

Porque no subyugar los que no saben que sucede?

Cursed be those enthralled by barbiturate
Their psionic potential frustrated and spoilt
These susurrations won't serve to habituate
What only comes once one has toiled

A fronte praecipitium, a tergo lupi!

Castaneda On Stilts

Currently Reading:

Naked Spirit: The Supernatural Odyssey

Castaneda On Stilts

Cranes on the skyline
Phosphorous glow of the street lamps like stars
Traffic for silence

  You see the UNSEEN and you hear the UNHEARD

The voice of each thought unrelenting
Extraneous description abounds
To which does the subject surrender?

  The WORD has more power than we dare to FEAR

Superimposed comes the weight of our meaning
Memory amounts to mentality (in a limited scope)
Blinded to the realm of impossibility

  Do not question the METHOD - simply study the MADNESS

This is the heart of Not-Doing
Acting, Dancing, Singing
All integral parts of Stalking the Dreamer

  During every WAKING moment of the STILLNESS

Controlled folly at its finest:
Behaviour alters mind and mind brings forth behaviour
So state your purpose with conviction

  For unbending INTENT realigns the Eagle's EMANATIONS

Thus, it is the intensity and integrity (indeed the frequency)
of one's personal Tonal
which determines

  What aspects of the NAGUAL will become accessible to a WARRIOR

Because Warriors must aspire to the Mystical
Until the day their death arrives.

Epigrammatic Epitaph (Now w/ PodCast)

Epigrammatic Epitaph

This is a test, of the Emergency Broadcast System
If you have smokes then go ahead and light them
(Just not in front the children)

Now it's time to fasten your seat belt
Ice always gets more slippery
Before it starts to melt

When speaking about art
Please exercise caution
The edges of signifiers are incredibly sharp

Beware encroaching vowels
Skulking within your skull
Pouncing quietly like owls

Trespassing onto these premises
Triggers an alarm
Signaling internal authorities

In case of emerging seas
Submerge awareness beneath
Singularity of symbols

Representation not to scale
Do not exceed prescribed dose
Suggested servings for sale

Medical ingredient: Morpheme
May cause lucidity or obscurity
Contains 100% recommended daily Meme

No proper nouns were harmed
In the production of
Such self-referential smarm

This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast System
If you have jokes then go ahead and tell them
(Unless they are aimed at a victim)

AnswerS (w/ PodCast)


Chaos is freedom
Order restricts
Form is a limit
Void, the escape.
Apathy's balanced
Concern, an extreme.
Fantasy lives
While reality dreams.

The search is in vain;
To cease is to find.
The thinker is stumped
The observer is blind.
A soul is an ego
One's body, a mind.

Being is empty
Existence be sacred!
Corruption goes clothed
And all virtue lies naked ...
Passion is searing
Love soothing 'til calm.
"Nothing is holy"
Making any song a psalm!

Equally valid when reversed are these truths:
Vice-versa is law - as each lie has its use.



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