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Post-Modern Post-Mortem

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Post-Modern Post-Mortem

Philosophy is hardly a fashion show
People speak with finality about "trends in theory"
Claiming that we have outgrown certain key perspectives
When theorists had not been analysing their own eras, but ours!

This inability to acknowledge the prescience of gifted forerunners
Has led us into blind alleys where a distrust of Metanarratives prevails unchallenged
Yet little serious consideration has been given to possibilities offered by Ludic Telos
An open-ended inter-PLAY we must embrace to skip through semantic minefields.

Clearly, although signifier and signified aren't synonymous, they remain synchronous
For which reason, various qualia arise inside one's mind along with linguistic concepts
Accompanied too by apparent percept-objects and relativistic moral judgments
Whoever has missed this, is missing inaction and should meditate hence:

Comprehend that to bend words is to warp cognition
Everything now occurring is a product of condition
A trap we can avoid, asking quantum questions
Constantly refining Heisenberg's equations.

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