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Omega Centauri

Omega Centauri

Are there humans in the far future? What do they look like and would they acknowledge us as their ancestors?
Perhaps they genetically modify themselves on a continual basis
[ If indeed they find it necessary to inhabit physical bodies ]?
Since by then a Grand Unifying Theory will surely have yielded access to non-spatial, astral planes.
Greater than gods ~ Demiurges who refashion the fabric of reality ~ Free from pain yet not torment

Having mastered the transmutation of elements, they'll terraform Mars and Venus
While Mercury and Pluto shall house interstellar observatories along with wormhole 'jump-gates'.
Jupiter's atmosphere might be activated via nuclear fission as Arthur C. Clarke foresaw; materializing Lucifer.
Our second sun could bestow life to Europa's glacial oceans, turning Neptune and Uranus into vacation hot-spots.
Saturnine ~ Seat of superpowers across limitless light years ~ Mining asteroids and rigging scout comets

However, even given such advances our descendants will likely endure despair in isolation.
Searching every neighboring star system but never finding their equals nor superiors;
Exhausting natural resources and spreading themselves too thin.
By then they may start spying on us through time's intransigent veil, trying in vain to tell us:
"Make the most of your little world now, because it holds the only mirth that we here can recall."

Image: Omega Centauri courtesy of NASA.

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Jonathan Tooker said...

Nice. I like what you write. This is a most interesting website that I have found here. I may be the nagual... I think I am. I hope I don't fuck this up lol ;)



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