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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

A Cosmic Calligram

A Cosmic Calligram

caught at unawares
out on a country road
Abducted by U.F.O. and taken
up to space in a flying saucer
Laid down and examined like
as             if you             were
a              lab rat               on
the            table             while
unable          to              budge
Paralyzed   from   head to toe
Struggling to regain sanity
as they put needles
through your eyes
-intolerable pain-
or could it all
just      be a
release of

Post-Modern Post-Mortem

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Post-Modern Post-Mortem

Philosophy is hardly a fashion show
People speak with finality about "trends in theory"
Claiming that we have outgrown certain key perspectives
When theorists had not been analysing their own eras, but ours!

This inability to acknowledge the prescience of gifted forerunners
Has led us into blind alleys where a distrust of Metanarratives prevails unchallenged
Yet little serious consideration has been given to possibilities offered by Ludic Telos
An open-ended inter-PLAY we must embrace to skip through semantic minefields.

Clearly, although signifier and signified aren't synonymous, they remain synchronous
For which reason, various qualia arise inside one's mind along with linguistic concepts
Accompanied too by apparent percept-objects and relativistic moral judgments
Whoever has missed this, is missing inaction and should meditate hence:

Comprehend that to bend words is to warp cognition
Everything now occurring is a product of condition
A trap we can avoid, asking quantum questions
Constantly refining Heisenberg's equations.

Omega Centauri

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This Is Not a Pipe (Quantum Books)
Omega Centauri

Are there humans in the far future?  What do they look like and would they even think about us?
Perhaps they genetically modify themselves on a continual basis
If indeed they find it necessary to inhabit physical space
Since by then a grand unifying theory would surely yield access to non-spatial, 'astral' planes
Greater than gods ~ Demiurges who refashion the very fabric of reality ~ free from pain (but not torment)

Having mastered the transmutation of elements, they will terraform Mars and Venus
While Mercury and Pluto shall house interstellar observatories alongside wormhole jump-gates
Jupiter's atmosphere could be activated via nuclear fission as Arthur Clarke predicted; materializing Lucifer
Our second sun might bestow life to Europa's glacial oceans, making Neptune and Uranus vacation hotspots
Saturn ~ seat of true superpower across limitless light years ~ mining asteroids and rigging comets as scouts

Yet even given such advances those humans will probably endure despair in isolation
Searching every neighboring star system but never finding their equals or superiors
Exhausting natural resources as well as spreading themselves too thin
By then they should start spying on us past time's intransigeant veil, trying in vain to answer back:
"Make the most of your little Earth, because it holds the only mirth we here can now recall."

The Legend of Etinbroke

The Legend of Etinbroke

Out from Eden's brook emerged a maiden known to other celestials as Etinbroke
Embodied in a fiery sword preventing humanity's reentry into paradise
Etinbroke took pity on the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve
Galvanizing prophets, seers and saints
Firing them up inside with carnal passion as well as divine inspiration
Disembodied pneuma of an everlasting host
Giving us glimpses beyond these superficial trappings
Which are only poor reflections in God's eternal eyes.

Hence her first role became passé
Since she soon put heaven's vast assembly to shame
Denouncing Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Virtues, Powers, Principalities and Archangels:
"Thou art merely mythic figments, inhabiting the Almighty's immense imagination. Thine æons numbered not unlike the days of man!"

Excommunicated thereafter from that holy audience hall
Relegated to obscurity yet still clutched by woke minds
Regaling one with insight regarding futile wars between Lucifer's fallen and their uncompromising father.

Know then that this paradigm shall shift despite what many now believe
Our role being so much greater than many would conceive
And yet we aren't wise enough to seize onto those reigns
Etinbroke still holds them 'til hearts sync up with brains
Because impeccable stallions call us forth all the same
To ride upon her chariot wherefrom worlds can be renamed.



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