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Insomniac Rounds (Special Edition w/ PodCast)

Insomniac Rounds

A silken fog descends upon the prairies of your mind
A long-lost feeling reconnects your body to your soul
Some damned cannibal took your pills and bit your naked flesh
So still the sleep eludes you while it taunts your haunted eyes

Smoke some dreams and live your lives
No one notices the lies
Drink this down with all your crimes:
We are wicked like the gods
So very wicked like our gods

A cloud of unknowing ascends the mountain of your doubt
A well-known secret represents what you have gone about
An avenging angel broke your will without sparing the rod
And now you shake your fist at heaven and curse the name of God

Why don’t you . . .

Smoke some dreams then live your life?
No one notices the lies
Drink this down along with your crimes:
We are wicked just like gods
So wicked like our gods

In the valley of remorse
We suspect a common source
But forgetful on these shores
The wicked get no rest
No they won’t get any rest
Pray the wicked receive no rest
May the wicked have no rest!

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