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Eyes of The Soulless

Eyes of The Soulless

And then you saw
That the beam of light hailing from the sky
Was a memory revealed, here in the twilight of our sleep

A memory you had, before you ever lived it
But as it unfolded to become an experienced reality
You felt so strange
Your wary gut boded ill

Who is this man that you've drawn?
His eyes are frightening to fellow travelers
Because he is not what he seems
He is unaware of his senses
And yet he is alive

A vacant shell
Corpse sans fantôme
Under a spell
Adrift, forlorn.

Cognitive powers: under-developed
Conception of time: materially enveloped 

// pragmatic at best but far too cumbersome to set sail on the gales of infinitude //

Now this system has become infected
Thy vessel contaminated
Thou shouldst take flight till dusk descends
Tonight healthy spirits shall find thee again

Spurn wanton grief for 'tis a trifle when
Folly permits yon splendor dimmed
And one ought to bask in the evening's glory
Instead of indulging finite whims
Or retracing another tired step in such an undying mortal story.

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