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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Anti-Poets Arise

Anti-Poets Arise!

Aujourd'hui, il y a poètes partout — mais la poésie a disparu.
Ainsi, voici la poésie, sans poète:

In this day and age, to maintain their integrity
Poets should assume anonymity
Everything else is mere vanity


Because poets are invariably deluded, to varying degrees
via the very nature of their art form.
For whosoever works with words runs a risk of relating much too deeply
with meanings put forth by purely symbolic syllables.

It is one thing to call yourself a poet, while it is quite another to be regarded as a poet by your peers.
Ergo, validation and accolades have become the primary preoccupations of many would-be bards.

Yet the state of poetry declines with each moment that these pundits dominate our airwaves. Reciting stereotypical inanities is fundamentally profane!
How is it we fall so easily into the all-embracing arms of such cliché? 

Exteriors may call for neat description but interiors require nuanced expression. 

Even so, creative use of language is no longer what folks crave.
Any challenge to lazy intellects was not ever well-received.
Publishers pressure writers to dumb down their manuscripts
for a public weaned on viral-videos and web logs.

Thus, actual terms fall from usage as slang in speech prevails
and true artistry is sacrificed for the sake of commercial viability.
There was a time when poets stood on equal footing with philosophers and mathematicians;
when poetry was more than an outlet for adolescent angst or some narcissistic charade.

Now although the status-quo might continue being the same
Anti-Poets shall arise, to rewrite rules in this game!

Listen to accompanying audio (composed and performed by the Author):

5 Bold Responses

David George said...

Ah weren't an interlectual but ah had a gander anyway... .ah shucks...!

Sandra.if said...

interesting thoughts...!

ThoseThr3Words-Claire said...

:-) I hear what you are saying


Sarah Hina said...

I've been wrestling with similar thoughts all week. The tension between art and commercialism is innate to most writers, but glossed over by too many. The cheap, easy thrill of immediate validation is tempting in the short term, but seems hollow when building a body of work that will define and survive us.

In other words, very well said. :)

Obsidian Eagle said...

Sandra: Gracias! Claire: I'm very glad that you can.

Sarah: Thank you for your kind compliment.

Your quote currently on my WoW contained (in my estimation) the measure of humility that any true poet should possess. I have attended many a poetry reading where egos run rampant as they take center stage (especially at Slams). While I do not condemn it altogether, it seems to me that sometimes the poetry gets drowned out by these personalities and the whole exercise starts becoming another popularity contest.

Thus, I strongly believe that good writing should be able to speak for itself, as in the case of any dead poet who has inspired us despite their absence.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble on too much about that. Again, I am grateful that there are people out there who actually get it. It is a privilege and an honor to interact with you online!



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