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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

Word On A Wing

"My prayer flies
like a word on a wing.
Does my prayer fit in
with your scheme of things?"

~ David Bowie

April 2016

For seven lean years, the Blasphemous Bazaar has offered to publish "AntiPoetry" composed by indie bards capable of avoiding first-person pronouns (namely: I, ME, MY, and MINE).

Anti-Poetry, as first formulated in Spanish by the Chilean Nicanor Parra, and now promulgated in an English iteration by ItzQuauhtli is largely misunderstood by self-centered Poets. So much so, that it has become a style Dead On Arrival.

As such, this site is none too popular with contemporary Anglo readers / writers.

For these reasons (and more), submissions are currently closed. Nevertheless, you can view past contributions from guests by clicking on The Gauntlet:


Future AntiPoems will be featured BY INVITATION ONLY. However, if you feel you have what it takes for your work to be showcased here, you can always contact the curator (please mention The Gauntlet in your subject line): ItzQuauhtli

In Lak'ech!

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