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The Soma Tantra


Obsidian Eagle is happy to present lovers of fantasy fiction, Hindu philosophy and progressive spirituality with an eBook edition of his Tantric text completely free of charge.

ItzQuauhtli (Obsidian Eagle) are both pen-names used here by one who is a long-time practitioner of Shaiva Tantra. Although this work descends from traditional Hindu scriptures, it's a completely original retelling of an ancient story.  Prepare to undertake a grand tour of the Indic cosmos!

Synopsis: When the moon god Soma Chandra defies his brethren by kidnapping their guru's new wife, the gears of war are set in motion.  An age-old conflict between demonic Ashuras and godly Devatas is rekindled amid Antarloka's heavenly sphere.  

Meanwhile, Shiva and his consort Kali plot destruction then dispatch agents into the fray.  Mortal races square off against immortals as the balance of power shifts but through it all, it is a single human girl who can trump either side...

Steeped in Hindu Myth mixed with elements of Greek Tragedy, The Soma Tantra puts a fresh spin on fantasy while serving up a sumptuous dose of adventure!

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The Soma Tantra: A Cosmic Tragedy (The Antarloka Trilogy) (Volume 1)

The Soma Tantra: A Cosmic Tragedy (The Antarloka Trilogy) (Volume 1)
By Obsidian Eagle

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This is the printed edition of The Soma Tantra. Please help Obsidian Eagle bring the rest of his trilogy to life!

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  • Published on: 2013-01-17
  • Original language: English
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  • Binding: Paperback
  • 106 pages



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