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Of Dice And Dominoes

Of Dice And Dominoes

Come observe it here at the borders of oblivion
The inexhaustible march of man's temporal parade
Whether Alexander, Constantine or Khan
Every conqueror contributed commonalities
Causality, consistency, conflicts and their consequences.

Most men are low denomination dominoes
Simple pushovers that fall into formation
Bowing beneath the oppressive weight of history
Unquestioning participants for social experiments
Where inherent rules work against the hardest workers.

Yet although they be few, there are ones who roll like dice
Chancers clutching onto loose straws of probability
Fewer still are those that luck out and hit the jackpot
Of discovery and innovation - advancing civilization itself
Like Tesla, Einstein, even Turing.

Argue against them (if you feel you must)
But only such visionaries see a shot clearly
Before taking it and thence leaping far ahead
Leaving most of us inside pitiable sandboxes
Fashioning fortified settlements from immemorial sediment.

So which Will you be:
Remembered by virtue of distinction?
Forgotten among aimless masses?
Or frozen within indecision?
Tiles fall flat - but recognize: every toss revives a die!

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