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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010 (Author Central)

Bah, Humbug! (An Xmas Anti-Poem)

Author's Note: For information on the Pagan roots of Christmas, this brief but insightful article is recommended: The Shamanic Origins of Christmas

Or, for a more in-depth and very eye-opening look, this documentary spells it out perfectlyThe Pharmacratic Inquisition

Bah, Humbug! (An Xmas Anti-Poem)

Hum·bug (noun):
1. Something intended to delude or deceive.
2. The quality of falseness or deception.
3. A person who is not what he or she claims or pretends to be; an impostor.
4. Something devoid of sense or meaning; nonsense: a humbug of technical jargon.

- I -

You see, Santa's just another version of the man in the sky;
A magical expression on which they bank for us to buy.
Despite crisis and recession — let childhood desires fly!
Long-standing tradition isn't something we question, why?

- II -

Because the unthinking parent offering their offspring to that secular idol at the mall isn't really doing it for the youngster (who'd be better off given proper guidance) but to satisfy their own inner child.

They repeat a cycle of indoctrination into Capitalist customs: Preparing another generation of consumers for dwindling resources (which could run out before we realize it).

- III -

Keep going, it's fine
This world has always been thus
Overbrimming with stupidity
Without shortage of cupidity

Keep towing party line
Present is blessed as future cussed
The dead are unaccountable
For their Humbug, insurmountable!
Image: The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come ...

Alive Alone

Alive Alone

Was dead inside without you
Dragging a thousand empty days
No one else here speaks truth
To a pariah lost mid haze

Yet this scoundrel springs eternal
Both nocturnal and diurnal
There's plenty to be said
But let's keep it cryptic instead...

Constant state of rediscovery
Permutations occur in isolation
Island transformed as a sovereign nation
Waylaid by fate on the road to recovery

Eldest redwoods aren't heard falling
Except by a lone Hermit or Hierophant
Everyone else poses questions too elegant
To actually answer their true calling.

So let's break format - forsaking any argument
Being in love with oneself isn't really that appalling;


We are each other after all
And who'll play the gods if not us, lively starling?

Rubik's Pyramid

Rubik's Pyramid

Homo Sapiens - The upright, naked ape.
Most highly evolved sentient organism on terra firma.
Prone to infantile behavior even in old age
(though it's rarely recognized or acknowledged).
Invariably weighed down by personal phantoms from the past
and the often oppressive forces of social conformity.
Otherwise; embryonic Demiurge that secretly yearns for Actualization:
An accomplished state that might harmonize the star-studded heavens with the living, breathing body of humanity's cosmic isolation.

No childhood without rebirth.
There aren't any skies in the absence of Earth.
They say Jesus descended to hell prior to his resurrection
Because what's forward movement without a sense of direction?

Perspective Analysis

Perspective Analysis


We are not the only witnesses 
Nor numen that wade currents
By riversides and oceans
Within a vast, unnamed expanse

Though our heads do dash against these stones here on the shore 

Since we can barely help but to think in contradictions 
Gravely unaware of the true scope of our vision
Forgetting that in the big picture relativity dissolves 

Into the reality that opposites don't in fact oppose
Nor do they actually preside as bi-polar compositions
Clear-cut propositions or unchanging absolutes
It is as always, a question of perspective

Yet there lies the heart and matter of the mystery at hand: 

That when things lose their strictly human meaning 
They quite naturally regain (so to speak)
Their universal truthfulness within the silent mind of One beholder.

Tribute To H.P. Lovecraft

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

"In His House at R'lyeh, Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming,
yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth!"

Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft

Out beyond the confines of physical space itself
At the very heart of a much darker universe than ours
Sits the supratemporal Court of Azathoth - Nucleus of Chaos
From where proceeded to this sphere, timeless outer gods
Not deities in the usual sense, but rather destructive daemons
Who bathed amid the torrid luminescence of primordial galaxies
They were present before the earliest days of human history
And it was Azathoth's own messenger who edified the pyramids
He is known by us as The Black Pharaoh: Nyarlathotep
Through him we first learned of that dread Lord Cthulhu
Lying in eldritch slumber among the ruins of his submerged city
R'lyeh still lies beneath the waves; waiting for evil stars to align
Soon Dagon shall roam the land as he now roams marine trenches
Along black she-goat Shub-Niggurath and her thousand vile offspring
Only then will mankind recognize its utter insignificance in cosmic terms
When our futile vanity is measured against powers which would be better left unknown.

Image: Cthulhu Fhtagn No More by Xaltotun.

Pagan Prayers (The Giving of Thanks)

Pagan Prayers

Be grateful
Sayeth the Goddess
That she is so graceful
Even though we
Unto her act disgraceful

Misnaming what isn't ours
Because life is on loan
From nature, borrowed hours
These primates rebel; alone
Against all that is at one

Due to Patriarchal complex
Matriarchy sits convex
And balance eludes us
Conflict does thwart and vex
A trinity without true triplex

Welcome to the third millennium
Leave old beliefs behind in ante-annum
And show gratitude for this opportunity
To actually use one's cerebellum
Who else gets such gratuity?

Don't be an ingrate
Try to appreciate
Gifts no less great
For being invisible
Highest Spirit is indivisible!

Image: Gaia by Alex Grey

Hermeneutics 2.0

Hermeneutics (n):
1.     the science of interpretation, esp of Scripture
2.     the branch of theology that deals with the principles and methodology of exegesis
3.     philosophy
     a. the study and interpretation of human behaviour and social institutions
     b. (in existentialist thought) discussion of the purpose of life

Hermeneutics 2.0

- I -

Confusion multiplies exponentially with each consecutive word in any statement
This is mainly because connotations accompany these like fleas on a Pyrenees
To say little of whatever agenda is at work within both context and subtext
Hence, for Epistemological purposes, we must clear the air
Of those lingering phantasms from former times
Such as outmoded Religiosity or arbitrary Sophistry ...

- II -

Having cut through that haze
We can commence to rephrase
Whatever baffles and betrays
Due to common folks' ways
During contemporary days

- III -

It's all mirrors and smoke
Like a bad tasting joke
The Grammar Nazi misspoke
So roll this page up and toke
'cause we're going for broke

- IV -

Are you confused yet?
Perhaps you have begun piecing
Together what was far flung
Back there by verbal tether?
Did you decide on whether
Or not Homonyms make for fair weather?

- V -

Letters are the DNA of language
Especially those committed to record
Ideas incarnate through an actor 
Many manners exist to say the same thing
But dictates get encased inside amber
Solidified (as long as pneuma utters timeless noumena)!

Proverbial Pinball by Guest Thinker M.P.L.

Editor's Note: Is there no middle ground to be found between the camps of Free-Will and Fate? Isn't life (like playing pinball) more a mix of both? This week's contributor divulges a compelling stream of thought on said subject ...  

M.P.L. Is a world traveller, professional driver, and an accomplished bassist with a flair for the dramatic. He plans on winning the lottery, purchasing an island, then building a biosphere on it and flying into space to found and rule his own colony!

Proverbial Pinball

Only through the trials and tribulations of this thing called life are we able to consider fate and chance as plausible conditions of the human spirit and persona, because the attributes we personify are in direct cognitive relativity to the Being which we've become due to the experiences we've endured thus far.
We have a choice to reflect upon the days passing. Whatever information we choose to process and how we deal with particular circumstances is completely within our own free will and up to one's ability to cope. 
Options for adapting alongside the developments of any given situation always become available in due process.
Engaging thought patterns and contemplating the directives of a message before reacting to an interaction may rather entice us to reply with a rhetorical question in order to clarify any misconstrued ideas and thus allow for improved communication.
Only through constant reevaluation are we able to inhibit or exhibit changes in ourselves.
Of course the plethora of knowledge acquired from vast past experience can help out just as well - providing that such memories don't result in victimizing us. Correct?
Image: Screenshot from Dragon's Fury pinball game.



Passed on
From a plenitude of pain
Onto platitudes so plain

Everyone's a saint in their eulogy
But neither lament this frail corpse
Nor glorify it unduly

Give credit where it's due
Without speaking untrue
Words twist and memory warps

Moving on
Learn from our dear departed
Lessons that shouldn't be discarded:

Any fool can prattle like common cattle
Though few grab the bull by its horns
When they're burdened with a saddle

Don't ever settle
Or be that pot calling the kettle
Black as a widow who mourns

Carry on
If one's legacy benefits all
Another shall surely come to heed the call ...

Capitalist Cult of The Car

"Buy this car to drive to work;
Drive to work to pay for this car." ~ from Hand$hake$ by Metric

Capitalist Cult of The Car

You wake up early everyday
To commute to a faraway place
Which for all intensive purposes
Could be best described as:
"The Height of Tedium".

You climb the corporate ladder
High enough to afford a new vehicle
The company cafeteria offers donuts
And co-workers congratulate you
With warm welcoming smiles.

That's how we here survive
While economies elsewhere take a dive
Feeling blue? Fill the tank up for a drive!
Another war wins us fuel to thrive
Don't think, just work - from nine to five.

Not sure whether or not evolution
Would have wanted it this way
Repetitive stress makes a fine mess
Within this vicious cycle of duress
But whatever the case, dress to impress!

Leo Ascending

NOTE: For a more thorough Leo forecast, see: Horoscope 2016.

Leo Ascending

Pride be your emblem
King and Queen of Savannah
When the concealing curtain lifts
We will witness highest drama

Creative vision soars overhead
Courage roars while cowards dread
Chivalric courtship leads to cubs
Clones lacking romance are already dead

But you were born free and wild within concrete forests
Truly standing up for justice, lest legal system regress
So wage the best of battles unto any bitter end
There's no substituting nobility; although many may pretend!

Homage To Mercury Retrograde

Author's Note: Whenever a planet appears to be travelling in the opposite direction of its usual path through the Zodiac, Astrologers call it a Retrograde Transit. Of course, this is merely an optical illusion created by our Earthly perspective. Nonetheless, such transits hold a rather special Astrological significance. The most notorious of these is known as Mercury Retrograde (since it occurs 3 to 4 times every year). For example in 2016:
  • January 5th – 25th (in Capricorn)
  • April 8th – May 22nd (in Taurus)
  • August 30th – September 22nd (in Virgo)
  • December 19th - January 8th 2017 (in Capricorn, goes direct in Sagittarius)

Homage To Mercury Retrograde

Pay close attention now dear siblings
To that Trickster in purest form
But do not shoot the messenger
Because he brings news of a storm ...

Missed calls, mixed messages, misfired e-mails and texts
Blasts from the past, familiar faces, falling in bed with an ex

Expect delays, accidents and costly mistakes
Don't be in too much of a hurry
Or you'll see what waste haste makes

Misunderstandings, communication breakdown, arguments abound
Device malfunctions, forgetfulness and loss all around!

Grounded flights, transport strikes and commerce grinding to a halt
Such incidents are far more common
When young Hermes is at fault

Sign no contracts, hold off projects, don't bother buying phones
Or they will surely bear out marks of retrogressive overtones

Still there's a silver lining
Underneath this awkward show
One's subconscious mind is shining
In pregnant silence, lessons glow!

Image: Simulation of Mercury Retrograde loop as seen from Earth.

Self-Portrait In Epithets (Rare Birthday Edition)

June 27th 1978, San Salvador, capital of El Salvador (Central America). The first stirrings of a lengthy and bloody civil war were being felt as the so-called Cold War reached its boiling point outside the U.S.A.  

Leftist FMLN guerillas were organizing to challenge the right-wing dictatorship of the ARENA party, igniting one of the most brutal conflicts the region has ever known.

Into this political hotbed, a boy who would later renounce his Christian name was then born. Like other Central Americans, Salvadoreans are a Mestizo people who descend from Spanish Conquistadors as well as the Tlaxcaltec tribes that happily helped to overthrow the Aztec Empire. Indeed, the Tlaxcaltec's migration from Mexico over many centuries is why Nahuatl (the imperial Aztec language) is still spoken by some natives so far South.

Itz (Obsidian) Quauhtli (Eagle) had parents who were on either side of the armed struggle and hence fled elsewhere until ending up in North America, where Latinos are the most overlooked and underestimated 'minority' despite being present everywhere.

Having already learnt how to read and write in Spanish, young ItzQuauhtli soon mastered English too.  Still, he couldn't help noticing that even though it was his second language, he seemed to have a much better handle on it than the average Anglophone. This simple fact drove Itz to write with increasing grandiloquence, making a game of how impenetrable his writing was becoming to the majority of readers.

Adopting the tenets of Chilean Anti-Poet Nicanor Parra, ItzQuauhtli took things a step further and started developing many as yet undiscovered variations of Poetry, which may remain thus forever (since he also spurns the commercialized spotlight).

If all this sounds like the tooting of one's own horn, then you're probably onto something. Today, for once indulging in poetic prowess, he lays out a list of his favourite soubriquets for himself ...

Self-Portrait In Epithets

Chief Without Tribe

Late-Blooming Upstart

Karma's Enforcer

The Most Depressed Optimist

He Who Sings Always

Mr Human Thesaurus

Contradictory Cancerian

Slave To The Music

Him Blessed by Shiva, Beloved of Kali

Ever Moon Thirsty

Destiny's Jester - Outcast On Its Dance Floor

Heretic To All Faiths

Inamorato Incognito

Zavala La Bala

Taco Grande

Dirty D

One Super Paratrooper

A Feline Prince Among Underdogs

Herculean Sisyphus

Balam Quitze (Smiling Jaguar) 

ItzQuauhtli (Obsidian Eagle)

Quetzalcoatl's Final Loyal Descendant

Image: Cuauhtemoc (Diving Eagle - Last Aztec Emperor)

Meta-Poetics Vol. 3: Reworking Titles

"The words you speak become the house you live in."  

~ Hafiz

 "The fish trap exists because of the fish; once you’ve gotten the fish, you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit; once you’ve gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of meaning; once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words. " 

~ Chuang Tzu

Meta-Poetics Vol. 3: Reworking Titles

The one where he / she breaks up with "ye"
Yet another unrequited love song
A piece about how dark and mysterious you can be
Protests harping on heartstrings of our common throng

Mourning for loss at end of road or while aborning
Laughter provided at somebody else's expense
Praising heroes; subjecting villains to scorning
Walking a fine line betwixt eloquence and pretense

To hell with it all, Poets are dead in the water!
Stagnating cesspools of ergodic absorption
Their egotistical irons close circuits with solder
Determenistic feedback loops give rise to distortion

New Hermeneutics are needed to break this old cycle
Wittgenstein's ladder will no longer suffice
Incorporate the whole gammut from somatic to psycho
Blaspheme every Meme - offer Self - sacrifice!

Image: 'Ladder To The Moon' by Georgia O'Keefe

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Felix Felidae

Felix Felidae

The House Cat does groove with subtle rhythms (quite smooth)
Dubstep, Jungle, Trance and Techno — all hark back to hippy Disco

Hosanna! Worship our internal supersoul with pussyfoot Pronoia
From sundown to dawn may funky Electro rock thy Casbah

Bloody plasma, pump up the jams to leave us out of breath like asthma
Out of body - free your mind - pop those Mollies - drink some wine

Yea Malkin libertines — shrug away life's troubles while busting liquid bubbles
Nay these ain't the oldest rhymes since they do transcend all times

Purr on happy kitties, whether aged or younger bitties
This temple has kept the tempo so now Run The Trap past GO!

Immortals of The 27 Club (Mythic May Vol. 12)

"Though the favourites of the gods die young, they also live eternally in the company of gods." 

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Immortals of The 27 Club

Hail Robert Johnson (1911 – 1938), who is rumored to have sold his soul to Satan at a crossroads for supernatural guitar skills. His influence on The Blues and Rock & Roll remains undeniable.

Pay homage to Brian Jones (1942 – 1969), founder of The Rolling Stones and a talented multi-instrumentalist. If it weren't for him, we might never have heard of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Bow to Jimi Hendrix (1942 – 1970), Voodo Child and left-handed guitar god. Pioneer of high-gain distortion, feedback and phaser effects. Perfector of the Wah-Wah pedal.

Hats off to Janis Joplin (1943 – 1970), Queen of Psychedelic Soul, whose explosive vocal chords blew everyone's mind at Woodstock and during Festival Express. Her voice reverberates in memory.

Genuflect before Jim Morrison (1943 – 1971), Dionysus incarnate, Lizard King, rock poet and sex icon. His heart fused with an Amerindian chief's soul to make him the shaman of an era.

Hearken to Kurt Cobain (1967 – 1994), spokesman for Generation X, whose mad lyrical wisdom pierced the psyche of MTV audiences everywhere. Forever abide in highest Nirvana.

Obeisance unto Amy Winehouse (1983 – 2011), who would never say yes to rehab. A magnificent musician and vocalist, well aware that you only live once, yet now she lives on in kindred company.

All tragic examples of what this world does to its beaming youth. Like brief Roman candles, lighting up encroaching night. May they shine eternally in our collective remembrance!

Image (from left to right): Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Robert Johnson, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse.

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Ye Gods, What Are Thee? (Mythic May Vol. 11)

"Light and matter are both single entities, and the apparent duality arises in the limitations of our language."

"There is a fundamental error in separating the parts from the whole, the mistake of atomizing what should not be atomized. Unity and complementarity constitute reality."

"The existing scientific concepts cover always only a very limited part of reality, and the other part that has not yet been understood is infinite."

~ Werner Heisenberg

Ye Gods, What Are Thee?

Who be the gods and goddesses, if not us?

They are fundamental archetypes inside the Zero-Point Field

A Priori noumena underlying A Posteriori phenomena

Resounding echoes from past and parallel universes

Constantly collapsing wave functions of Quantum potential

Luminous forms coalescing within our ethereal Noosphere

Celestial bodies vibrating at subliminal frequencies

Intelligence beyond thought; knowledge needing no words

Neuronal apprehension of supramundane comprehension

Primordial Buddhas awakening to their own inner divinity

Soham - Tat Tvam Asi!

Image: Athena springing from the mind of Zeus.

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Axis Mundi (Mythic May Vol. 10)

"History is ending because the dominator culture has led the human species into a blind alley, and as the inevitable chaostrophie approaches, people look for metaphors and answers ... what we need is a new myth, what we need is a new true story that tells us where we're going in the universe and that true story is that the ego is a product of pathology ..." 

~ Terence McKenna

Read the whole article HERE.

Axis Mundi

Oh Enkidu - lead us lost humans
Back to those ancient forests
Beyond these cities' woes
Mankind be one with nature

For we've seen from space
The damage we're wreaking
Upon Gaia's gorgeous face
A virus threatens Earth's future

Instead may our technology be wed
To the ecology, 'til all are fed
So that they might learn by analogy
The actual function of spiritual symbology

As it stands, nothing is sacred
Virgin mother desecrated naked
How can anything evolve in isolation?
Mistaken domination brings damnation!

Lo Enkidu - humans verge on extinction
There's not enough identifying (only distinction)
Poetry powerless to move
People who cannot approve.

Image: Gilgamesh mourning his friend and equal, Enkidu (who was created by the gods to help him).

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Christos Mythos (Mythic May Vol. 9)

“Myth is what we call other people's religion.”
"Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble."

~ Joseph Campbell

Christos Mythos

Christianity is merely a dominant form of Paganism
Two-thousand or so years ago it was instituted as Holy Roman Religion in Byzantium
Which assimilated key aspects from regional predecessors
Placating converts by adopting their holy dates as its own

While wiping out competing Gnostic sects and
Not deciding on which gospels were officially true
Until Constantine's Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.

Indeed, any truly incisive study of Christendom should show
That it's rather like a patchwork quilt, knit together from
Many mismatched belief systems buried by the sands of time
This is especially true for the figure of Jesus the Anointed One

Born of a virgin not unlike other holy men before him
Changing water to wine as Dionysus did
Defeating death and resurrecting a la Osiris
The list goes on and on, leaving lots of room for doubt

Yet withal, people insist on believing in this deity
Since core creeds are taken as Articles of Faith
But they would do well to question these Metaphysics
For whosoever has known anyone to rise after three days of death?

Seeing as there is nothing but Scriptural "evidence"
Christ ought not to be regarded as a historical personage at all
Instead, look to see what value there is in his purported teachings
Which may thus transmit to us an ageless wisdom (left largely untapped even now).

And remember: those who believe in a man who literally revived and rose to heaven above, have no business criticizing the far-fetched beliefs of anybody else!

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