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"God" Was A Four-Letter Word . . .

"God" Was A Four-Letter Word . . .

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." ~ John 1:1

Yet nobody asks what that word (Greek: Logos) was!

It sure as hell wasn't the Danish / Dutch / Germanic iteration everyone is fond of these days: God.

The Christians of Byzantium (founded by Constantine) to whom ALL contemporary believers in Jesus Christ owe their creed had rather different names for our so-called Lord.

Going back further to the Hebrew Torah, it was forbidden to speak the tetragrammaton (four letters: YHWH from where Jehova is derived), which left out any vowels - thus confounding pronoun.

There's immense wisdom in that approach because how could an all-powerful Being be reduced to a few mere syllables, becoming sullied by mortal speech?

Unfortunately, due to the diversity of human languages, most arguments as to the existence or nature of God are really disagreements concerning preferred signifiers.

As a result, religious fundamentalism actually restricts spiritual evolution through its dogmatic use of linguistic concepts that people become emotionally attached to.

Being a Philologist, Friedrich Nietzsche was aware of the above and hence famously declared that "God is dead", since he saw people not worshipping divinity directly but only going through empty motions.

In fact, many Post-Modern thinkers have accused the whole Western philosophical tradition of "Logocentrism"; an incurable obsession with that primal WORD leading to centuries of conflict.

The truth is that God / Allah / Yahweh / Krishna (whatever) is simply beyond the scope of finite thought and most certainly ineffable.  Now we have entered a new millennium and it no longer serves anybody to fight over such names!

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