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Eon Eagle - Herald of Quetzalcoatl

<br>Eon Eagle - Herald of Quetzalcoatl<br><br>

The Flagship of AntiPoetry — est. 2010

Black Flag - Obsidian Eagle

Black Flag - Obsidian Eagle

The Bald Eagle of your forefathers has come to represent
Those exploitive and treacherous oligarchs within White House
Stars their military might; Stripes are but bars locking tight

Banks be cathedrals for Capitalism
Dollar, Pound and Euro are all Eucharists
Stock brokers and lenders? A priesthood of vendors!

So take to the streets and fly black banners high
Remind them that Revolution is a thorn at their side
Freedom good reason why many have died and still die

This darkest of Eagles shall soar with you then
Anarchic flags its feathers floating upon the wind
They would have our wills bend but we will focus like Zen!

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