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The Nexus of The Next

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The Nexus of The Next

What's next? Who's next? Where next?
We're caught ever in "The Next"!
Though our landscape is always shifting
There are none thus come nor gone.

Solipsistic lapse undergoing therapy
Palpitating fixity upon imaginary center
Prehensile cogitation clutches straws
Solidified Reality a panoptical descriptor

Latter day saints utter draconic decrees
Wise canonical inscriptions go unheeded
Learn early on that pain be par for course
Wistful linking of meaning to rhetoric bores

Where next? Who's next? What next?
Flounder clever yet perplexed
Sought but not found within text
A moving landmass unannexed!

 [ May wit lend levity when gravity weighs down one's ways ]

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