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META-Poems For A New Millennium

<br>META-Poems For A New Millennium<br><br>

The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010 (Author Central)

A Priori Expressions

A Priori Expressions

On Earth there be no dearth of calumny
Living statues assume impromptu postures then wither withal
As cliffhanger moss wilts above hungover forests
Whole, literal mackerel turns to figurative doggerel

Iconic images are re-presented in negative modalities
Totalities that boast Ultimate Truth found fraught with technicalities
Why the nerve exhibited by verbs is naught but loaded phonemes
Worst of all these? Verse! Spewing out terse blurbs from human mouths

Versifiers conniving smother the signified with egoistic utterance
Happenstance may deliver up essence though purely perchance
Sky has fallen many times prior, so pick up its pieces and do try again
Jet lagged intuition hears no elision; unable to see purpose despite vision

The Nexus of The Next

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The Nexus of The Next

What's next? Who's next? Where next?
We're caught ever in "The Next"!
Though our landscape is always shifting
There are none thus come nor gone.

Solipsistic lapse undergoing therapy
Palpitating fixity upon imaginary center
Prehensile cogitation clutches straws
Solidified Reality a panoptical descriptor

Latter day saints utter draconic decrees
Wise canonical inscriptions go unheeded
Learn early on that pain be par for course
Wistful linking of meaning to rhetoric bores

Where next? Who's next? What next?
Flounder clever yet perplexed
Sought but not found within text
A moving landmass unannexed!

 [ May wit lend levity when gravity weighs down one's ways ]

Doctrine of Anatta (No-Self)

Author's Note: For anyone who might like a more comprehensive explanation of "Anatman", the following article encapsulates it rather well: The Atomic Mandala – Part 4 – Anatman   

Doctrine of Anatta (No-Self)

- I -
What is the Self?
Where is the Self to be found?
Who is that Self we seek?
Is it dry (this Self)?

Never. Always. It is and yet isn't.
Clever. Stupid. Absolute but relative.
Simultaneous in thought, though not present even once. 
Is elusive to one's mind as evasive to our words.
Dare not pretend ye know anything concrete about it.
Don't stand upon authority; assume no final stance. 
Dive back into Atlantis. Sink down beneath thy Self . . .

Flex effort, effort, effort
Lather, rinse, wash off those stains!
Yes, only effort, threefold effort
Can glean what such a mystery contains. 

- II -
Hey now, who's that?
Living, going, gone!
Playing hide and go seek
Can't quite put a finger on -

Who's escaping past perception?
Who's perceiving an escape?
Never the same twice for anyone to call it constant.
Dead or dying, Being reborn
During every moment but with gaps.
Hollow and impermanent; still we try holding on tight.
Hands of haze for rising tides 
Won't hold back a single drop.

So just flow dear Comatose
Like, with, and as the ocean
Quit pretending at forevers
Void all ego, then just flow . . .

Image: Bond of Union by M.C. Escher

Qualified Non-Dualism

Qualified Non-Dualism

Everything comes together  
Folding back in on itself
As depth perception deepens

One-dimensional lucidity dawns in dreamt sky
Bathing sense faculties with absolute clarity

The edges of perception are defined by limited awareness
But now basic consciousness reasserts its boundlessness
Attention engulfing whole body-mind spectrum
Stretching out among forms from within amorphous fullness
Ardor runs strong in both ascending and descending evolutionary currents

Breath ignites blood to animate pneuma 

Poised at perfect equilibrium
Where all aspects weave cognitive patterns
As an integral system that properly interprets

Glowing movements through either implicit or explicit orders of Being

Meta-Poetics Vol. 2: Prophetic Conflations

Author's Note: This is the first follow-up for a series that commenced on new year's day. Original post can be found here (beware, it's a doozy): Meta-Poetics: Vol. 1   

Meta-Poetics Vol. 2:  Prophetic Conflations

As the Ubermensch is to Homo Sapiens, so shall AntiPoets become for Poets
Escapees from that vapid madhouse centered around a cult of personalities
Exodus wandering into wilderness where tumble-words drift through desert
When those vainglorious bardic bastards vanish vanquished via just dessert
Their successors will assimilate similar techniques but expand beyond them
Creatively subverting what held inordinate esteem among subordinate soles
Never apologizing to any sounder for hanging pearls high over swine heard
Even at farthest futures these verses are misread; echoes deafened scholars
Append another end until disappointing childhood notebooks are unearthed
Anonymity and public apathy afford a better cover story than plain obscurity
Explanandum sans explanans demands lifted arms drop surrendered in defeat



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