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Bodhisattva Curse

Author's Note: Some hard-liners may take this poem's title too seriously but it's rather tongue-in-cheek, since Bodhisattvas are elevated beings who give everyone else inexhaustible compassion and are therefore incapable of pronouncing such curses. However, true Tantrikas balance on either edge of truth's sword.

Bodhisattva Curse

Gullible little automatons,
rolled fresh off an assembly line
with a million more behind . . .

You will wander all six Bardos until this universe collapses
and be among the last sentients to cross the ocean of conditional existence
unto supreme Parinirvana.

Dream lives of untold sorrow and shame
First memory at the end and final memory in the beginning
Moebius, Ouroboros,
Tabula Rasa and Eternal Recurrence
Astral Projection
False Awakenings

Death and Rebirth everlasting.

Reverberate toward Stillness — or you simply wont stand a chance!
Image: Yamantaka Yidam (signifying the victory of wisdom over death, evil and suffering).

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