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The Flagship of Anti-Poetry — est. 2010

The Dead of Winter

"Behold, I tell you the sacred secret now: we shall not all sleep in death." from Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly (Also 1st Corinthians 15:51).

The Dead of Winter

Welcome brothers, sisters, enter!
Behold the nightmare from now to hereafter
Our departed file down esplanades of spectral alabaster
Who among us can discern design amid such seeming disaster?

And yet all is not so cut and dry as that which meets the eye
No tears need one cry for close kin even when they die
Though life seems awry — it's not over when we lie

Light is rendered brighter still by a dark tomb
Summer gestates warmly within winter's womb

Glorious rebirth occurs soon, despite the gloom!

Guest Star by Guest Bard Colin James

Writer's Bio: Colin James has a chapbook of his poems out from Thunderclap Press. He works in Energy Conservation and is a great admirer of the Scottish landscape painter, John Mackenzie.
Kudos to Colin for picking up the AntiPoetic gauntlet of poésie sans poète!


                                 That scene where you wake up
                                 early at a friend's house,
                                 wander down stairs, start the coffee
                                 and make your way to your favorite chair,
                                 when you spot something creepy sitting there.
                                 A species with the head of a dog
                                 and the body of a deer,
                                 lounging provocatively in your chair.
                                 You file it in the category
                                 of sexual ambiguity,
                                 all the while drinking your coffee
                                 careful not to make eye contact
                                 or myths forbid, engage it in
                                 any sort of polite conversation.
                                 The rest of the house won't be up for hours,
                                 and you resist the urge to
                                 look back over your shoulder as
                                 you head down the stone path
                                 to retrieve the morning paper.
                                 With your luck it will be late.

Irrelephant by Guest Bard Kathleen Radigan

Writer's Bio: Kathleen Radigan is a high school student.  She loves talking to people, reading books, reading people and talking to books.  She also writes music and swings on swings regularly. You can follow her on tumblr at http://elephant-potholders.tumblr.com

Kudos to Kathleen for picking up the AntiPoetic gauntlet of poésie sans poète!


The intelligence of elephants

irrelevant, but eloquent

their clumsy sort of elegance

is one of many elements.
And when that wisdom elevates

it’s difficult to celebrate

for once we see our cells relate
thoughts start to accelerate.
Well wisdom seems aristocratic

dusted down from someone’s attic

pulled apart and cleared of static

(fluctuations are erratic).
Oh how we trace the web life spins

parts swept away like bowling pins

still, consciousness, our human prints

will never match an elephant's.

Meta-Poetics Vol.1: AntiPoetic Rhetoric

Meta-Poetics Vol.1:  AntiPoetic Rhetoric

Author's Note: It has been a year since OE's Blasphemous Bazaar was established.  To commemorate this milestone, the editor will now present what he has learned so far by renouncing the title "Poet" and embracing that of AntiPoet instead.   

AntiPoetic, AntiPoets, AntiPoetry - all these are misnomers because they allude to a new offshoot of Poetics going strong against the grain.

Those who don't believe in or understand AntiPoets and AntiPoetry don't realize how easy it is to reflect what Poets do like backwards letters in a mirror.

Poets cannot fulfill a dialectic of transcendence without first confronting their own shadow and synthesizing right-brain Poetry with left-brain AntiPoetry.

Contrary to what many think, AntiPoets have little antipathy toward Poetry. Instead, they work hard to hone that Art and raise it over Ego.

It often seems as if Poets have forgotten that Poems are not simply a platform for personal aggrandizement but a cultural dialect relevant to all.

Poets are mistaken if assuming that Poetry serves their selfish ends when they are in fact there to act as as spokespeople for inspiration.

Too much of what passes for Poetry is really just self-indulgent tripe with little if any attention to craft. Who teaches Poets to write?

AntiPoets question the sacred place that Poets occupy in literature by challenging and satirizing their counterparts.

New Poets need to read classic and modern Poetry to learn whereas the educated ones need to become more aware of self-reference and repetition.

Adopting a Nom de Plume (Pen Name) is an AntiPoetic maneuver because it makes Poets anonymous and less concerned about their public image.

Some AntiPoets are in fact Poets gone rogue in a literary class struggle between writers and publishers as freelance mercenaries of the Word.

It is evident from their writing that most Poets have little interest in literary theory or linguistics, which is a shame for this art form.

Poems ABOUT Poetry are decidedly AntiPoetic because they must take a critical stand on the art form and who better for the job than Poets?

From an AntiPoetic perspective most regular Poets are conformists and/or narcissists; yet conscientious dissenters are considered elitists.

Since Poets generally neglect to do so, it falls on their AntiPoet counterparts to critique Poetry and engage in thorough exegesis of Poems.

Poets should not be afraid to wax philosophic as well as poetic. Poems can be a properly intellectual exercise
don't dumb down your message!

Philology and Etymology are underused tools in a Poet's repertoire these days. Poems can benefit greatly from semiotics and a ludic logos.

Living Poets tend to be full of themselves while the departed ones are usually recognized for their contributions to the whole of humanity.

Next time you read or write a Poem keep an eye out for first-person pronouns; you might notice how needlessly they are repeated.

Removing first-person pronouns from Poetry is a decidedly AntiPoetic maneuver since Poems tend to be centered around vain Poets.

Even without first-person references, Poems are inescapably personal but removing those words is a step towards broader poetic art.
Picasso said that the Artist only ever portrays his/her self, this is equally true of Poets but good Poems can become a transpersonal affair.

Poems centered on the SELF can but don't always have universal relevance. Words may be aesthetically pleasing but even then may lack meaning.

Poetry is not merely a toy or a tool but a higher form of language that can enliven as well as enlighten. Poets should treat it responsibly.
Poets are often afraid or altogether incapable of being didactic with verse, as if knowledge was offensive and only pretty words counted.

Poets should not be afraid to offend their audience, sometimes (whether right or wrong) a little upset is necessary to cause upheaval.

AntiPoetry is stricter is some ways than regular Poetry but in other ways it is also far more playful and irreverent to traditional romanticism.

AntiPoets demystify Poetry so as to catalyze mutations in wordplay like physicists take some mystery out of matter to create new inventions.

AntiPoets are really Philosopher Poets; willing to put Poetry under the microscope and dissecting its cultural significance to benefit all.

AntiPoets love Poetry so much that they sacrifice their egos to serve the muses. It takes conviction and courage for Poets to turn.

AntiPoets deliberate on the implicit nature of language in ways that might make a reader uncomfortable as reality is subverted through verse.

AntiPoets use Poetic paradox to undermine the entrapment of language over mind and Rodomontade to inspire humility in Poets.

AntiPoets purposefully huff and puff on the caterpillar-pipe of Bombast and don't mind giving audiences a blast of hot air as iconoclasts.

AntiPoetry launches beyond proper Poetry into semantic spaces where Poems pull the rug out from under readers to send them into mental freefall.

AntiPoets ambush a reader's mind in ways that might be considered dishonorable by regular Poets; using words as weapons in psychic combat.

AntiPoets must work twice as hard as regular Poets to earn half as much respect. Prosaic Poems are not very popular with one's average reader.

Whereas Poets are content to voice verse and be recognized, AntiPoets verse a voice of discontent for confrontational reckoning; a subtle distinction.

Poets toy with Language in their efforts to be published. AntiPoets weaponize Poetry in order to spur metabolic change beyond commercialized publication.

It is too much to ask for most Poets to understand AntiPoets and AntiPoetry since they barely get ordinary Poetry or SELF to begin with.



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