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Wholesale Proverbs

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Wholesale Proverbs

Engage the flow and let its current take you where you need to go
It's better to be alone than in bad company
Everything should fuel that fire at your core
Treat rough people and experiences like a steady source of coal

Those who are unwilling to cooperate rarely pull their own weight
Anyone unneccessarily difficult is not worth the effort
Strive to maintain a balance betwixt temporary compromises
Fools dance on wise mens' graves right before the phoenix rises

Hence, look to many fine examples set by each preceding Mensch
(Cursed are the meek for it is nothing they'll inherit
By relying on a prophet whose ideals hold low merit)
Not unless one's will be brazen, will one possess such strength to wrench

Golden apples of immortality

Off Hesperides' branch.

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