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Logos Endiathetos

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Note: This week's piece is the sister-poem to last week's: Logos Prophorikos

Logos Endiathetos


Far enough back, during ages now interred beneath historical sediment
Mankind hailed the transcendent, immanent Godhead
By regarding nature with an utmost degree of respect

Mountains, forests, oceans, lakes and streams were held to be sacrosanct
Likewise, animals were considered divine harbingers and our closest kith
While innocence afforded us a glimpse of the ineffable absolute

Still, it gradually came to pass that men grew leery of each other
Avaricious and fratricidal, they turned against one another
Christening barbarism a new virtue
Yea, from that time forth every war has involved
Ravishing foreign virgins, pillaging rival nations and enslaving their offspring

Having shed all compassion for his fellow hominids
Homo Erectus went on to domineer wild beasts
Touted "Steward of Earth" by vainglorious priests

Homo Habilis followed suit - inventing flint implements
Which at first served as tools and then later as armaments
When Cro-Magnon slew Neanderthal, clearing way for we Sapiens

Such were the days of our infancy, obscured nowadays by pretense at civility
For we're loathe to admit that we've hardly hit puberty
Believing that we scale the very peaks of humanity
Adept with legalese and the boons of technology
Yet inept in affairs that require much sympathy

Knowing naught about providence but presumptuous theology
And estranged from the blatantly obvious reality:
To venerate one's own neighbor is quintessentially holy!

The veil has been rent in the sanctum sanctorum
Little hope is there left for regaining decorum
Lo, a world midst its throes of thermal shockwave alarum!

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