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The Interloper

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Coyote Blue: A Novel

The Interloper

Seen only by other felines
He skulks through the shadows
At most ungodly hours

Spewing noxious vapor down alleyways
And deserted parking lots
But with nostrils flared upward
Inhales light from heaven

A denizen of darkness
Not quite one species nor another
Camouflaged by gaps in our common continuum

Trees speak to him as do rocks and bodies of water
Inscribing human sin upon memory
For they recognize a missing link
Who yearns to exhort:

Skip one step in evolution
Dare to cross this burning bridge
Before its embers are dispersed beyond retrieval

Anachronistic friend, join those few on yonder ridge!

Standing Tall Despite The Fall

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The Fall of America: Poems of These States 1965-1971 (City Lights Pocket Poets Series)

Standing Tall Despite The Fall

Begrudging the drudgery of nine-to-five purgatory
Where repetitive Top 40 hits add insult to injury

Every day spent in penance for hearts broken at war
Cracking rocks in a quarry 'till bone and muscle go sore

Loose ends struggle to meet in the middle
Life's meaning? Poor thought-out riddle!

Hair grizzled like granite, feet made of clay
Would-be lover back home gone astray

Connecting link with Great Spirit all rusted by dust
Fewer allies are there now left to trust

Waning hopes turn to despair around here
Yet even so - inside this chest dwells no fear.

Image: "Full Hollow" Ichigo from Bleach

Mortality's Morality

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The Prince (Signet Classics)

Mortality’s Morality

The Good you ask?
A relativistic concession!
Evil wears every mask
Sinners will hear your confession

Much bloodshed throughout history
Was then considered just cause
There really is no mystery
Of why we challenge old laws

The Good apparent only
When present becomes past
Future judges, lofty, lonely
While dead culprits are amassed

As we now pass judgement on yesterday
So by tomorrow on us shall it pass
Yet who can rightfully say
If any purview will last?

Come Heaven or Hanging Comets (Bi-Lingual Edition)

Aunque Se Venga El Cielo o Cometas Colgantes

Juntos, nos podemos enfrentar contra cualquier cosa
Querida Suzanna, nuestras cuerdas astrales estan atadas
Aunque estos cuerpos no sean unidos
Conquistaremos el destino
Bella dama de espadas
El quien te guarda la espalda
No tan solo quiere levantar tu falda
En vez busca alguna manera de evitar fracasar
Mientras tratar de comprovar que lo debes amar
Por eso deja vuestra puerta abierta para darle entrada al discipulo, maestra!

Come Heaven or Hanging Comets

Together, we can confront anything
Dearest Suzanne, our astral chords are intertwined
Although these bodies may not be joined
We shall conquer destiny itself
Beauteous Queen of Swords
He who guards your back
Does not merely desire to lift your gown
But rather seeks a way to avert failure
While proving that you really ought to love him
So leave the gates open for this humble subject to enter your majesty!



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