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Hooray For Sluts!

Hooray For Sluts!

Cynics should define Pornography thus:
Unsubtle orchestration of on-screen rape.

Divine nymphs given over to beastly men's pleasures...
Lurid scenes arousing one's attention
While capitalizing on intention.
For Sappho's sake, rewrite the measures!

In dominance dynamics between master and slave
Will to power seduces will to life.
Extramarital relations with a husband or wife?
Polyamory makes monogamy cave.

Our Acheulian Goddess is generous
Beyond any reasonable belief
Providing each his relief
From a sensual hunger so onerous.

Aphrodite's daughters are all votaries of Eros
Joined in orgiastic sport with goatish Pan.
Hermaphroditus is half woman and half man
Whilst loving younger lads was once known as Eromenos.

So let's hear it for those titillating temptresses willing to take it for we teeming masses —
Turning on us lusty voyeurs by baring their luscious breasts and bawdy asses!

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