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At ~ Z ~ Nightclub

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At ~Z~ Nightclub

All the single ladies hit the dance floor at Z nightclub
Every macho man tries to squeeze in for a rub
Evolutionary psychology is at play beneath black light
Skins bare as courtships flare with neon smiles so bright

Many different voices clamor for attention
Male and female seek each other's validation
Women project sensuality and men go with aggression
Hips swing and heads swim in wild anticipation

Subwoofers deafen while sight is confounded by booze
Arms flail upward when inhibitions are set loose
Mania overtakes, breaking a flimsy truce
Society sheds civility for carnality's caboose

DJ priests of Techno spin out another break
Everything is given for those who know to take
One might feel as if dreaming even being wide awake
Shuffling to the beat, happy feet produce a quake

Cameras flash at giddy partygoer poses
Some tilt down their necks, others turn up noses
Lasers beam through icy vapor doses
Fleeting moments frozen by those who chose this

It all happens at Z nightclub ~ Every weekend everywhere
Why pursue more meaning ~ When its plain and simple there?

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