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Twilit Language (Mythic May Vol. 4)

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Author's Note: In the parlance of Tantra, "Twilight Language" refers to a symbolic system of speech often employed by adepts when composing songs or poetry meant to induce heightened awareness for the uninitiated.

Twilit Language

Somewhere along an illimitable span of Being — the great serpent became acutely aware of its own resplendent plumage.  Wrapped up in fractal-rainbow wings / preoccupied by ego / placed eyes on every scale / admiring each contour from myriad angles.  Vigilant in vanity.

During those nights an obscuration hid moon from plain sight.  Its absence calling attention to studded firmament above.  Yet echoing within the fibers of any sentient soul.  Offsetting limited views as its tremors pulsated through both inner and outer space.  Thus that serpent rose amid a sound which is unstruck.  Thousandfold ascent!

Asking: who is it that passes nigh, sowing furtive expectations?  Down corridors of dark regret / hope tunnels toward redemption / Eros no more a slave to Psyche / foam on wavelengths of vibration.  Time may be a desert and we might be but stones - nonetheless - let it be known that these sands absorb the sun just like the sea swallows its shoals.  Awareness, self-illumined at all depths.


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