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Hymn For Quetzalcoatl

Hymn For Quetzalcoatl

Come Toltec Pharaoh
Arrive and take your place 
Among the figureheads of destiny
Apply your bird's-eye-view
To reinterpret history
All learning is remembering
How to reconcile the Real 
Unto an Ideal
Uniting Physics & Metaphysics
In that transcendental matrimony
Foretold by William Blake
Which occurs through Tantric alchemy

When Apollo melds into Dionysus
Odin rejoins his blood brother Loki
And Shiva is as one with Shakti
Then the Feathered Serpent can't be far off
Accompanied by his dark, bloodthirsty twin
Tezcatlipoca; smoking mirror

So come now Toltec Pharaoh
Descended from Atlantis
Born to wield
Jaguar's brutal strength
In perfect balance with
Eagle's atemporal vision

Your people await . . .

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