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The Legend of Etinbroke

The Legend of Etinbroke

Out from Eden's brook emerged a maiden known to other celestials as Etinbroke
Embodied by a fiery sword preventing humanity's reentry into paradise
Etinbroke took pity on the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve
Occasionally galvanizing prophets, seers or saints
Burning them up inside with carnal passion as well as divine inspiration
Disembodied pneuma of an everlasting host
Giving us a glimpse beyond these superficial trappings
Which are only poor reflections in God's eternal eyes

Thus, her original role became passé
Since she soon put heaven's vast assembly to shame
Denouncing Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Virtues, Powers, Principalities and Archangels alike:
"Thou art merely mythic figments, inhabiting the Almighty's immense imagination.
 Thy eons numbered not unlike the days of man!"
Excommunicated thereafter from that most holy audience hall
Relegated to obscurity yet still taking hold of certain lucid individuals
Regaling them with insight regarding futile wars between fallen Lucifer and his uncompromising father

Know then that this paradigm will shift despite what many now believe
Our role being so much greater than any could conceive
Although we are not quite wise enough to seize onto those reigns
Etinbroke shall hold them until hearts sync up with brains
Because impeccable stallions call us forth just the same
To ride upon her chariot wherefrom all can be renamed

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